Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Lately {Calgary Photographer}

Hi Guys & Girls, I am so behind on blog posts it's a bit crazy! I have been so busy meeting sweet mama's and even sweeter babes and want to share them with you :) soon... For the meantime I am keeping up to date on my Facebook Page: Tickled Pink Facebook Page So if you are itching to see some cuties check it out! Here is a lovely shot from last night, the light was incredible! Photobucket

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweet Girl {Calgary Newborn Photographer}

I had so much fun with this little gem! She is actually the niece of my sister in law which made her session a little more special! Photobucket

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Secret Project {Calgary Photographer}

As a photographer I always pour my heart and soul into every session I do. I love when clients give me a little freedom to play with their session! I love coming up with some fun ideas to customize their session a bit more; get everyone involved and magic seems to happen.
Every once in a while I get an idea, like a crazy BIG extraordinary idea!!! Well this one hit me about six months ago and I have been slowly dreaming and collecting thoughts about it. Its finally time to take it off the shelf and start organizing. I am so excited to turn this little idea into a masterpiece!!! It is going to be a project near and dear to my heart!

This "session" is a themed one and it's very hush hush!!! I'm keeping it a secret as I plan to debut it later in the year. If you want to be a part of it (and I hope you do! It's going to be fun) you have to sign up without knowing the theme.

Here are the details:
This session will take place at Fish Creek Park in August. There will be a primary date and a rain date (it is Calgary of course!) you MUST be available for BOTH dates.
There is a small fee to be a part of the session (roughly about $30 for their outfit[s]) 
The outfits will be custom made for each child involved (which they can keep afterwards), measurements will be needed a month or so prior to the session and a fitting will be scheduled a week or two before.
You must sign a standard photography release form as well as a confidentiality form - for keeping the session quiet until the release date.
As a gift for participating in the session everyone involved will receive the full project on a DVD. 

I will list the characters and specific criteria for each:

Main role: Girl, age: 6-8 years (must be outgoing and follow directions well)
Second main roles: 2 Girls, age: 6-10 years (must have dance experience, be outgoing and follow direction well) 
Chorus roles: 6 Mixed, age: 5-8 months (must be sitting but not crawling by session)
Chorus roles: 8 Girls, age: 3-6 years (must be outgoing, independent and follow direction well)
* At the moment the main boys roles have been filled; however, there may be a few more that pop up, if so I will post an update here.

For the chorus girls there will be a game type environment created to hold their attention so the biggest thing is the outgoing personality to be able to participate in the activities.

Okay, well I told you it would be BIG! Full of lots of moving parts!!! 

Here are the dates:
Chorus babies: August 8 with the 15 as the rain day.
The rest: August 11 with the 18 as the rain day.

How to get involved:

If you would like to participate and have a child fitting the above criteria, please send me an email with their information (name, age, height) please also include a photo and part they they are fitted for to - info@tickledpinkphotography.ca

Thanks everyone!! Hope to hear from you soon! 

PS once you have been casted you will find out the theme and your fee will be due. Once paid you will receive an information package with all the details and instructions.


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